About Us

Superb Woodworks is a Midwestern-based shop that was founded in 2007. Located in Southeast Wisconsin by Lake Michigan, we create furniture and sculpture for commercial and residential clients from around the world. 

Quality craftsmanship

35+ years of experience

Customers worldwide

Commercial and residential

Our work is available at select retail outlets and through this site

Our Story

Our Wisconsin shop has its root in the South American country of Uruguay; a place where traditional woodworking is revered. 

To know about Superb Woodworks is to know its owner/artisan Hugo Saavedra. Hugo was born and raised in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Having attended and graduated from art school with a concentration in woodworking and sculpture, Hugo went on to study and apprentice in both Venice, Italy and Backnang,  Germany. With this additional training and experience, Hugo returned to Montevideo where he formed his original shop, Il Duomo, providing furniture restoration, wood sculpture, and design sculpture to commercial and private clients.

Prior to that, Hugo was a furniture restorer of historical assets at Uruguay’s Ministry of Culture & Education, National Library before becoming Department Manager, Wooden Objects Restoration for the Ministry’s History, Artistic, and Cultural Heritage Committee. In this role he managed its historical wooden objects through restoration, prevention, and safeguarding of objects through proper storage, preservation, and use. 

For Hugo, woodworking, sculpture, carving, and furniture design are what he has studied, trained in, and made his life. This passion is infused in each piece he creates.  

Superb Woodworks Mission

To continue using old-world quality craftsmanship in the making of our wood furniture and sculptures so they last a lifetime. 

Our Vision

Wood brings a warmth and a strength to home and office. Whether it’s a contemporary chair or a traditional desk or table, we see wood as always in style, something that can always be integrated into any decor, and always in demand. 

What we do


We create unique pieces that spring from the mind of our artisan Hugo Saavedra, as well as work with our clients to create custom pieces that fit their needs in home or office. 


Are you seeking a unique art piece for your home, office or for a gift? Shop our unique pieces or talk with us to have something special created for you. 


Hand woodcarvings are rare these days. Many carved wood pieces are created by machine and feel “flat.” Hugo Saavedra is one of the rare talents who carves high end pieces by hand. In fact, his talent has been utilized for carvings appearing in Chicago and Palm Beach, FL mansions, to name a couple. Contact us if you have a carving project in mind.